Is It Worth Going Green With Biodegradable Labels?

A lot of consumers nowadays are very particular about using environment-friendly products. They believe that by patronizing eco-friendly brands, they are able to contribute on making the best choices for environmental conservation efforts. More than producing green products, it is also a must to consider having biodegradable labels in labeling your merchandise.

What Does Biodegradable Labeling Means?

Biodegradable labeling simply means using product labels that are made of recyclable materials. To help with having a positive ecological footprint, decomposable materials are used to create product labels. This will reduce the amount of toxic materials coming from non-recyclable resources. There are many label-makers, like Hampshire Label, that are advocates of green labels.

Examples of Eco-Friendly Labels

In order to adopt a sustainable business practice, label makers offer a range of eco-friendly labels like shrink sleeve labels where no adhesive is used to attach the labels thereby eliminating the chance of contaminating the recyclable packaging.

Customized brown Kraft labels are also great. Kraft paper is made out of 100% recycled waste and the brown color easily blends with cardboard packaging. It can also aesthetically enhance the packaging as Kraft paper looks neat. The same qualities apply to Vellum labels.

Other green labeling materials are tree-free label stock, Polyactic Acid, and BioStone. All of these are renewable or are coming from resources that are replenished fast like bamboo, sugarcane, and corn.

Things to Consider Before Going Green

Because there are a lot of options when it comes to producing eco-friendly labels, you must also consider the nature of your products. Be aware that different products/business, call for a suitable material for the labels. For example, if you are going to sell beverages, choosing shrink sleeve labels are perfect. Kraft labels, on the other hand, can look great as stickers for candles, organic cosmetics, and paper packaging.

There is also that nagging question about why green products are more expensive? Typically, creating eco-friendly products is expensive mainly because there are many certifications that must be passed before declaring the products to be environmentally-safe. But for green labels, you will notice that the cost for manufacturing recyclable labels is almost the same with that of a non-biodegradable label. In the end, it is just a manner of making a stand on your choice to go green.

Why Should You Join In?

More than helping the environment, your brand will also benefit from using customized green labels. Public image is very important and by doing your part to contribute in conserving the world we live in will give you a stronger and more positive image. Many environmentally conscious people will appreciate your effort and will be drawn to choose your brand.

For consumers who are not too particular with green products, they will come to realize the value of recycling and may even appreciate how recycled materials look great as labels. Look at it as a win-win situation where your products get noticed and people are also educated about the green movement.