At Hampshire Label we are dedicated to helping you elevate your brand and meet your packaging needs in the nutritional supplement industry. Our expertise coupled with our GMP processes in label and film printing ensures your products not only comply with industry standards but also stand out on the shelves, driving brand recognition and customer trust. Explore our range of packaging solutions and experience the difference today.

Custom Labels for Nutraceutical Products


Capsules and tablets, the backbone of health supplements, go beyond aesthetics. They offer unparalleled convenience, precise dosing, and extended shelf lives, making them industry staples. Labels play a pivotal role, revealing crucial details from ingredients to safe dosage, ensuring effective consumption. Clear instructions and warnings promote proper use, while allergen alerts safeguard sensitive individuals. Eco-conscious consumers also benefit from certification labels, spotlighting vegan, organic, or sustainable sourcing. Join us in exploring why labels are your compass in the world of health supplements. Helping your customers make informed choices.

Custom Labels for Nutraceutical Products


Nutritional powders, the versatile players in the wellness arena, offer a world beyond aesthetics. Their adaptability, whether in protein shakes or dietary supplements, empowers consumers to customize flavors and delivery to their needs. The packaging has become paramount, revealing essential insights from ingredients to recommended intake, ensuring effective consumption. Precise instructions and alerts guarantee safe usage, addressing potential allergens for the health-conscious. Eco-minded individuals find guidance through certification labels, emphasizing vegan, organic, or sustainable sourcing. From stick packs, pouches, to standard labels, our state of the art quality printing and vision system are the ready to help you grow.

Custom Labels for Nutraceutical Products


Effectively marketing liquid formulations in dropper bottles presents distinct challenges. Labels must withstand exposure to moisture, oils, and frequent handling while maintaining visual appeal. Striking a balance between regulatory compliance and conveying essential information within limited space is critical. User-friendly design, informative content, and mobile optimization enhance overall user experience. Crafting labels that seamlessly merge aesthetics and durability is pivotal in bolstering brand presence and driving sales for liquid formulations in dropper bottles.