Thermal & Direct Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer (TT) and Direct Thermal (DT) are part of variable information printing (VIP). In VIP, information can be changed from one printed piece to the next without slowing down the printing process. With VIP printing usually being done at the point of applying the label on the substrate, application conditions are an important consideration in selecting the proper label.

  • Custom Thermal Transfer Labels


    The thermal transfer label market is experiencing remarkable growth, with an ever-increasing demand for variable information printing. From tracking and tracing and product identification to logistics and industrial end-uses, the common point of any Thermal transfer label application is the long life required from the label in difficult conditions – environmental, physical, and chemical.

  • Custom Direct Thermal Labels


    Our direct thermal products boast specialty coatings, allowing for dynamic image versatility when exposed to heat. With the thermal printer's application of intense heat and smooth pressure, our labels consistently deliver unrivaled performance. Commonly used in Retail end-use, Logistics and Food where the relatively short shelf-life of the print is adequate. The main benefits are ease of use and relatively cost competitive printing without the need of a ribbon.

  • Custom Special Adhesive Labels


    When it comes to selecting an adhesive for your labels or packaging, it all starts with a careful evaluation of your application needs and desired functionality. Considerations such as the type of facestock, the surface to be labeled, and the environmental conditions your product will encounter play a crucial role in making the right choice. Our extensive range of solutions is designed to address these factors and provide optimal performance.