Beverage Labels

At Hampshire Label, we have achieved continuous growth in the competitive beverage market by prioritizing efficiency, strong supplier relationships, and advanced technology. As energy drinks, craft beverages, and healthy alternatives shape industry trends, we understand the importance of sustainability, personalization, and convenience to consumers. Our label solutions are characterized by fast turnaround times, eco-friendly materials, customizable designs, and practical features that cater to these consumer demands. Stay ahead of the competition with our premium label solutions tailored to your brand.

Custom Water Bottle Labels


Pressure-sensitive labels for water bottles offer a convenient and efficient labeling solution. These self-adhesive labels adhere instantly to the bottle surface, ensuring a secure and durable bond. With easy application and no need for additional equipment, pressure-sensitive labels provide cost-effective branding and product information. Their importance lies in enhancing brand visibility, communicating crucial details to consumers, and creating an attractive packaging that stands out in a competitive market, ultimately driving consumer engagement and sales.

Custom Beverage Labels


Our cutting-edge printing technology ensures vivid colors that perfectly suit your needs, whether it's a can or bottle. These water-resistant labels are built to withstand ice buckets, fridges, and pantries effortlessly. Take advantage of our diverse selection of materials and laminates, including sought-after BOPP labels in white, chrome, or clear. With their robust adhesive, these labels won't peel off. Enhance your design further with our specialized protective laminates, offering the visual impact you desire. Give your products the label they deserve.

Custom Labels for Dairy Products


Our high-quality labels are designed to meet the unique needs of dairy products while ensuring optimal production efficiency. Key features include excellent adhesion to various surfaces, moisture resistance to withstand refrigeration and condensation, and FDA-compliant materials to ensure food safety. Additionally, our labels can be customized with variable data printing for batch or expiration dates, barcodes for inventory management, and vibrant designs for brand recognition. Trust our pressure-sensitive dairy labels to enhance your product presentation and meet or exceed industry standards.