Understanding The Difference Between Permanent Labels And Weather Proof Labels

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There is a common misconception that permanent labels are also weatherproof labels. This misconception often leads some business owners to make the wrong choices when choosing label materials for their products. Printing on the wrong label material can cost a company a lot of money and also tarnish a company’s reputation. This article will give a clear difference between permanent labels and weatherproof labels to help you make an informed choice when choosing a label material.

Permanent Labels

Permanent labels can be defined as labels that need to remain on a product’s container for a sustained period of time. The information on these labels needs to remain on the product permanently. In this case, a product label is usually applied using a permanent adhesive. The label can only be removed when enough force is applied but this often leaves adhesive residue on the product’s packaging. Permanent label examples include: industrial security labels, address and shipping labels, retail labels, product labels, asset ID labels and tracking labels just to mention a few. Basically, most label materials can become permanent labels as long as a permanent adhesive is used.

Why Permanent Labels?

The main objective of a product label is to help consumers identify a product while providing information that is needed. Not all products need permanent labels. Majority of products need permanent labels which will last as long as the product’s lifespan. For example, electronic appliances need permanent labels that can last for years. These labels offer warranty and model number information that consumers may need to refer to when the need arises.

There are a few special cases where you may need to combine the use of permanent and semi-permanent labels for example, promotional labels. The main base label is usually attached to the product using permanent adhesives while stickers are applied on the label using semi-permanent adhesives to allow easy peeling. These stickers can be used as coupons.

Weatherproof Labels

Weatherproof labels also known as waterproof labels, can be defined as labels that can withstand harsh outdoor and storage conditions without their quality being affected. These weatherproof labels are printed on label materials that can withstand abrasion, moisture, high and very low temperatures. Common uses of weatherproof labels include address and shipping labels, freezer labels, bottle labels and mailing labels just to mention a few. There are a number of weatherproof label materials one can choose from.

Why Weatherproof Labels?

Weatherproof labels are applied to products that need to be transported or stored under harsh weather conditions. As mentioned earlier, these labels can withstand abrasion and different weather conditions without losing their original quality print work. Companies who have to transport their products over long distances, need to use weatherproof labels to ensure the face value of their products is not affected. Not using the right label material can cause product labels to fade. Faded labels lower a product’s aesthetic appeal leading to low sales.

Product labels are the face of a brand and for this reason you need to be extra careful when choosing the right type of label material. If you are not sure which label material to use on your products, you need to consult a reputable label printing company. Give detailed information about your product to help the printer pick the best label material.

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