There are legal regulations when it comes to cosmetic labeling, and this is one of the most important areas you have to get right. After you are sure that your labels meet FDA compliance standards, you need to consider how to reach out to your potential customers in this crowded niche. Think about utilizing a prime quality for ensuring retail success when you design your cosmetic labels. Whether it’s a no-label look or you need squeezable packaging labeling, you need to channel your brand image by opting for the most suitable label material and finish in the best way possible.

With more than forty years of experience in the label printing industry, our B2B expertise is second to none. Hampshire Label provides a wide range of materials, design options, finishes, and more that you can choose for your cosmetic products so that they can stand out on the retail shelves. We provide a complimentary artwork proofing service, and you will be pleased to know that our printing costs are extremely competitive. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities when it comes to printing custom cosmetic labels.

The materials you choose for your makeup and cosmetic labels will be dependent on the product’s contents and how it’s filled. To make your custom cosmetic labels noticeable and attractive, you should have a design that captures your company’s identity and speaks to your target audiences.

Our clear label stock can achieve an elegant “no label look” that is popular in the bath and beauty market.

Give your cosmetic product a high-end luster with custom foil labels or a quality finish. Cold-foil stamping is an easy way to add eye-catching sheen to your labels.

You can use eco-friendly labels and stocks made from renewable materials to help brand your cosmetic product as “green” or natural.

Learn what customers typically look out for when reading a cosmetic label so you can create an appealing label design.

Other label types