Why Should You Choose Customize Weatherproof Labels?

There are hundreds of label materials to choose from. They range from all sorts of sizes, shapes, durability, colors, etc. Weatherproof labels are meant for products that need to be protected against moisture, heat, and all other elements in between. Ordinary labels, on the other hand, tend to fade faster and may be destroyed with some water. Find out why you should choose weatherproof labels for your products.

How Weatherproof Materials Work

Weatherproof labels use waterproof printable paper that has a specially-formulated top coating. Upon printing, chemical reactions cause the ink to be encapsulated into the paper. Once it dries, it will be resistant to water and will not smear even when touched by a wet hand. If a laser printer is to be used for printing the labels, the printer head fuses the toner or ink to the paper. This “burning” method produces a lasting print that won’t get smudged either by heat or water.

Universal Benefits of Weatherproof Labels

Using weatherproof labels has a number of benefits including an unmatched durability. These labels are more tolerant to extreme temperatures compared to other labeling materials. The printed information also stays legible even after exposure to heat and water.

When it comes to aesthetics, weatherproof labels like Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) labels are versatile enough to suit any design requirement. They are also protected with a UV coating adding to the durability of prints. Permanent adhesive is also applied to this kind of label so that it will be tough to remove it once it is placed on the product.

Different Material and Color Options

Unlike the common misconception that weatherproof labels only come in boring colors, it actually depends on the kind of material used. Example is the white gloss inkjet label. Because of the white background, printing colors in bright hues can be possible and the whole image will look great because of the glossy surface. For labels that need to be tougher, weatherproof polyester laser labels are guaranteed to be tear-resistant and will adhere to most surfaces. It also has a white face sheet to make the colors on the design pop.

Common Applications for Weatherproof Labels

Weatherproof labels are quite popular because they can be used on a multitude of products. Common uses for these labels are for the food and beverage industry where products are usually kept in the refrigerator. Since it withstands moisture, the labels will stay intact even after water condensation during transit.

Other product lines that must be labeled weather-resistant materials are those that will end up in the bathroom. Shampoos, liquid soaps, and the likes are examples of these products. Imagine how nasty it would look if ink bleeds from the labels on the bottles! The customers will surely get mad and will never buy from you again.

Lastly, items for outdoor use such as camping gears must have labels that are tough against the volatile outside environment. The prints should be able to hold up against all elements whether it is the sun, snow, or a heavy rain.