Why Labels For The Visually Impaired May Soon Appear In Products

Labels appear in products for different reasons. It could be for marketing reasons, for promotional reasons or for aesthetics. Whatever the reason, labels always feature texts designed to capture the attention of consumers. That explains why creativity is one of the most important components in label designing. Sadly though, the industry has for a long time left out visually impaired people. This trend is changing though with specific products now featuring labels for the visually impaired. Products in the following categories now feature labels for the visually impaired.

Coffee Cup Lids

McDonalds revolutionized coffee cup labeling when they introduced braille letters on coffee cups. It took time though before people realized that the tiny bumps on their coffee cup lids were real braille letters. The letters then later disappeared. They are making a comeback though not through McDonalds. Starbucks may soon adopt the braille trend. So why do these companies choose to focus on an issue that cater for just a small segment of their clientele? Answers vary. One thing’s obvious though – visually impaired people matter as much as their counterparts who can see do.

Restaurant Menus

This is not a new trend. Braille menus were common in the 90’s. They did not become mainstream though for a whole decade. Part of the reason they died off was for the sole fact that braille menus did not reflect changes in diet prices. In simple words, they were mostly out of date. They also proved to be costly. This is a long gone challenge though. Most middle and high end restaurants today feature braille menus. All one needs to do is ask. Take home food products from such eateries and restaurants also feature braille labels.

Packed Goods

It may have been strange to find braille letters on packaged goods two or three decades ago. This is not the case anymore. Packed goods, like band aids and other goods used for first aid and even personal grooming now feature braille letters. The letters cater for essentials like what the product is, the expiry date and in some cases, brand name.

Over The Counter Medication

Over the counter medication, just like first aid packed goods now feature braille letters. This is common in North America with Canadian, Mexican and American pharmaceuticals now embracing the braille trend. This is by all means a nice trend especially for products that can easily be the difference between life and death. Tupperware containers have also had braille letters for ages, so you can easily buy one for a visually impaired loved one.

Other Selected Products

Product labeling companies are often reluctant to embrace labels with braille letters mostly because of the cost factor. There is also the fact that there are just a handful of companies that offer braille labels for specific products. Such challenges aside, it is good to see even wine companies in Europe and Asia incorporating the braille element in a bid to rope in visually impaired consumers. The future of product labeling looks bright with such trends emerging.