Why Exactly Do Fonts Matter So Much In A Label?

Design methods have come a long way. They have navigated through the good old days of printing press and typesetting. The industry has now grown with so many fonts now available including ones that defy categorization.  The many ones that can be easily categorized have long and interesting histories. It gets better with the fact that the industry is ever growing.  This means more fonts and crazy designs coming up almost each year. Designers can therefore be sure of an easy time coming with packaging and label designs. But why exactly do fonts matter? Why do designers liken the process of choosing a font to that of choosing an outfit before prom?

Aesthetics Matter

It goes without saying that aesthetics play a key role when it comes to label designs. Different fonts make it easy to come up with appealing labels that are aesthetically appealing. Note that fonts are merely digital representations of typefaces. This means you can change them with just a click, so the room for creativity when it comes to label designs is huge. Simply pick a unique design and settle on a font that complements the design.

Fonts Create Impressions

The label font is the first thing a consumer will see. The consumer will then make a quick mental note on whether the product is ideal for his or her needs before reading anything else on the label. In short, first impressions matter in labels as much as they do in dates.  Your choice of font will set a tone for the entire design, so you have no choice but to be creative.

Fonts Affect Emotions

This is a complex but proven aspect of human behavior. Experts have for a long time studied how both color and fonts affect consumer behavior. Certain fonts used against specific backgrounds have triggered different emotions. This research area is wide and complex as aforementioned with researchers now evaluating multisensory and cross modal interactions with fonts and typeface shapes to determine what triggers consumers to prefer certain fonts over others.

Fonts Communicate

That is why you choice of fonts should be legible. They do not have to be unique or out of this world. Simplicity as is the norm in graphic design, always wins. If a consumer struggles to read a font, then you will certainly have a hard time selling your product.

Note that bar code fonts matter as much as the other fonts. Customizing them is a different ball game. That is because although you can customize the characters and digits on the barcode, you must encode the font. That is the only way the scanner will be able to read the barcode. Note too that the barcode scanner looks for where numbers start and where they stop. By encoding your fonts, you ensure that you have all the data and information the scanner needs. Although using unique fonts for the scanner may sound appealing, there are drawbacks. Barcode fonts must be installed on your computer server which takes time. Use simple fonts for the barcode to save time and money.