Which Label Materials Are Best For Rebranding a Business?

Is now the time to rebrand? Which material? How long will it last? Is it the best in the market? Such are the kind of questions that one asks themselves when it comes to rebranding a running business. Normally several factors need to be considered before finally coming up with an accurate and solid decision. Among the factors given primary consideration is the type of label material to be used. When it comes to label materials, there is quite a variety to choose from.

Foil Labels

Foil labels come in both gold and silver and are made with a sophisticated material that gives packaging that extra elegant and supreme finish. It can be used for apparel packaging, different consumer products, some gift boxes as well as in industrial packaging. Has that gleam that can work well in event promotions or in other occasions such as in birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.

Clear Label

This type of label works best on clear bottles and glassy objects. One of its best advantages is its ability to withstand direct contact with moisture plus its top coating gives it another extra feature of preventing smudging or smearing from happening. It is also tear proof.

Recyclable Labels

Most consumers nowadays tend to opt for anything that is eco-friendly. Recyclable labels definitely falls under labels that goes easy on planet earth. It is made out of post-consumer waste (once a material has exhausted its intended use as a consumer item, it is recovered from waste headed for disposal). This type of label is good for eco-friendly products and companies. Both inkjet and laser jet printers can print on it. If you want to support save the planet by going green then this kind of label is ideal for you.

Vinyl Labels

For outdoor applications, vinyl labels works best. Why? They are waterproof as well as UV proof and can withstand such conditions for up to 3 years. They tend to be used for way finding, safety stickers, bumper stickers and for signage. It can generally be termed as nearly all purpose. In that it protects against moisture, oils and chemicals.

Permanent Stickers

Sometimes some labels can be removed by people who have intentions of stealing or destroying personal or public property. With this label, it comes with a strong adhesive that will ensure these stickers or labels won’t be carelessly removed thus making them perfect for everything from safety stickers to clothing tags and stickers meant for outdoor use.

Thermal Transfer Labels

These labels are normally used for product ID, keeping records, lab specimens, outdoor and cold storage and circuit board manufacture. It comes with a wide extensive choice of adhesives for applications that need special labeling. Thermal transfer labels are more durable than sheet style inkjet or laser labels. Using a well matched ribbon and label, its print bond can be so strong that protective film laminates are hardly ever needed. Plus it uses less heat to transfer a printed image than using other methods.

In summary when it comes to business rebranding, label materials has a sea of endless varieties that one can choose from. Give it a try.