Which Is Better For The Holidays? Roll Labels Or Sheet Labels?

Rolls labels or sheet labels? It is common among entrepreneurs to have holiday versions of their product labels. In creating these custom labels, you must be aware of the factors that should be considered when choosing which format to use for the labels. Is it better to have roll labels for the holidays, or would it be best to have them in sheets?

Using Sheet Labels

Sheet labels are the traditional form of labels. Many businesses that started on a small scale have used sheet labels to make their own product labels. Although you can have it as a DIY project, labeling companies also print sheet labels. By having a professional do it, you are saving yourself a lot of trouble from aligning and cutting out sticker sheets.

Sheet labels are the best for labeling a low product volume as it is cost-effective for this type of application. It is also ideal to be used among specialty products where being particular about the details is important.

However, there is a downside of using sheet labels. It is only applicable if used for small labels. Larger labels may be difficult to apply on a surface. The margin of error will be bigger as accurate placement of the label gets challenging.

Using Roll Labels

Roll label printing requires especial equipment and this is probably its only disadvantage. With roll labels, printing quality is much higher as the materials used are professional-grade. There are also plenty of label materials that can be used for roll labels. Vinyl, foils, glossy, and metallic are just some of the labeling materials that will work best as roll labels.

Holiday Labels

Both sheet and roll labels can be ordered from a professional label maker like Hampshire Label. With a trusted company to print the labels, both will look great as they will be made using high quality materials.

For the holidays, what must be considered is the volume of products to be labeled. Sheet labels are ideal if you are making limited edition or promotional items. As they are designed to be applied by hand, it will be like adding a personal touch to the products.

A larger volume of products may require a machine to do the tasking job of applying individual labels. No matter the quantity, a labeling machine can handle it and will do so with consistency. This is ideal when quality control is important but you are short on people to label your products.

Do You Need Rolls or Sheets?

The best way to answer this question is to ask yourself what your preference is. If you can see yourself sticking out labels from a sheet, then go ahead and have fun peeling and sticking labels. However, if what you want the labeling process to be faster, an automatically dispensed roll label should be considered.

Whether you need vinyl labels, glossy white labels, or clear matte labels in either in rolls or in sheets, what matters in the end is that both types of labels must be made in the highest quality using professional-grade label materials.