What You Need To Know About Globally Harmonized System Labeling

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, or simply Globally Harmonized System labeling, is a set of standards that clearly defines and classifies the different hazard criteria of chemicals. These guidelines are used as a sort of communication tool to make everyone be on the same page and eliminate confusion.

The global GHS was developed by the United Nations to ensure that countries within the organization abide and refer to the guidelines. With compliance, only one set of standards are followed thereby easier for people from different nations to understand warning labels that are shipped from countries to countries.

The Importance of GHS Labeling for Business Owners

For industries that deal with hazardous chemicals, GHS serves as a guide to an easy and safe transport and sale of chemicals. Following the standards will also make the workplace conditions much safer for all employees who are going to handle and are exposed to the chemicals.

Can You Print Your Own GHS Labels?

First of all, it takes an expert to print GHS labels that follows the industry standards. Unlike other kinds of labels that you can take as a DIY project, GHS labels follow protocols about quality of materials to be used. You cannot just use any kind of printing materials because GHS labels have to be durable enough to withstand all kinds of harsh environments. Printed information such as hazard warnings and pictograms must not be easily washed off even with extreme weather conditions. An example is the BS5609 label which is used for labeling military goods and most industrial packages.

Not All Label Companies are Aware about GHS Labeling

With all the important matters that you need to attend to for the business, it can be challenging to also keep abreast with the latest GHS information. Your choice of a label company can make a great impact on your product. So, when searching for companies to handle your GHS labels, it is important that you check whether they comply with the standards. Not all companies are like Hampshire Label that is fully aware about the ins and outs of printing GHS labels. Make a little research whether the company has extensive experience with printing GHS labels, how much it costs to have GHS labels printed, and whether they are well-informed about the importance of absolute GHS compliance.

Take note, though, that GHS labeling is not a global law but rather a system. You may want to look at it as a collection of recommendations from the experts that are approved globally. However, although it is not obligated for everyone to follow the GHS standards, these safe practices are highly recommended to maintain safe handling of hazardous chemicals across all points.

As a business owner, you will only be able to elevate your company when you are committed to participate in globally-accepted standards in the industry. If you are concerned with taking the necessary steps to protect both your workers and clients, then be the kind of employer that is educated about GHS labeling and its importance.