What It Takes To Create A Good Rapport With Consumers Using Product Labels

Ever wondered how some of the world’s most respected brands manage to build a strong rapport with their clientele? They all seem to have a massive following bound together by loyalty to the brand. This does not happen automatically. There is always some work behind it. It takes time and extensive research into consumer purchasing trends and behavior. But even then, then are measures you can take as a brand owner to build a strong rapport with consumers. One way is to create product labels.

Show Concern

Nearly all products today seem to show concern for noble causes. Take the environment for instance. Chances are, your top 5 favorite products feature packaging that address concern for the environment. Either the packaging is recyclable or the manufacturer tries to urge you to show concern for the environment by safety disposing the packaging. This may seem subtle, but there is a way it connects with people who identify with the same cause you show concern for. If you’re into pet food, address animal cruelty using few simple words. If you’re into automotive spare part distribution, show concern for road safety and so on.

Create ‘A Feel Good Vibe’

There is overwhelming evidence that emotions and mood affect consumer behavior. That explains why product labels feature smiling models. It is also one of the main reasons why TV commercials feature music people enjoy. The science behind this is to make consumers associate products with ‘the good feeling’. To that extent, create the feel good vibe too. One easy and reliable way of going about this is through use of color and label design. For instance, yellow is known as the happy color with an effect or urging consumers to go for products that feature yellow labels. The same thing can be said about blue, which affects the pulse rate by slowing it down.

Whatever your product is, choose theme colors that affect mood in a positive way. That way, you create a good feeling which subsequently influences consumer purchase habits. It may be hard or challenging, but it is certainly doable.


It is by far the easiest way to create rapport with your customer base. Think about it this way. People always want value for money. It is a need that only a handful of companies meet especially in industries that are fiercely competitive. Coming up with a quality product makes your product stand out without even advertising. To maximize on this fact, come up with product labels that easily capture attention. Then make an inference as to the quality of your product on the labels. You won’t have to do much after that. Marketing by reference will simply become inevitable.

Understand Your Market

Rapport can only be built where one has a deep mastery of his or her target market. Know what appeals to the demography you wish to target.  Then while at it, take into account other vital factors such as pricing. That’s because what appeals to the high end market may be totally different from what appeals to the middle and lower middle class markets.