What Is Shelf Space And How Does It Influence Your Label Designs?

Every successful retailer knows that shelf space is their biggest asset. Retail businesses are willing to do anything to snatch up prime positioning on store shelves. The reason is simple. Studies show that eye level shelf space amount to one third of sales from stores. Did you know that shelf space also influences your label designs?

What Is Shelf Space?

Shelf space is the space allocated to a particular brand or product by a retailer or wholesaler. This space is particularly important for companies dealing with consumer goods that are sold through self-service outlets such as supermarkets.

How To Land A Shelf Space

Your company may have designed and produced an amazing product that you are guaranteed is going to be a success. However, this can only be achieved as soon as you find some shelves for your products to sit. How do you get established retailers to give up floor space to sell your products?

Actually it is easier than you think. One of the ways to get shelf space is to create label designs for your products that are attractive. Every retailer wants to stock items that they know will sell. If you land a shelf space in a store, your product will not be the only one and you may be placed next to other successful brands that offer the same product as you.

To convince the retailer to offer an eye level shelf space, you need to come up with a label design that will attract attention as well promote sales. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when creating label designs to land an eye level shelf space.

Colors That Pop

Color is one of the most powerful tools used in advertising. The proper choice and use of color will determine whether consumers pause to consider your products long enough to buy them. You want to choose colors that pop and will attract attention from a distance. If you are considering using more than one color in your label design, avoid colors that will clash. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors.

Great Graphics

Create or select graphics that will match with the color(s) of your choice. There are endless graphics choices especially when it comes to custom label printing. Always ensure that you use high resolution photos or images to get a high quality printed label.

Eye-catching, Readable Fonts

Label fonts play a very important role in a label design. Consumers have limited time to go through a product label before they decide whether to buy a product or not. Ensure that the font you choose is easy to read yet unique enough to attract attention at the same time. Do not settle for standard fonts, but instead use fonts that your target audience will connect with.

Super Shape

Use custom shape labels that are not common. Instead of using rectangle or square shaped labels use other unique shapes that will differentiate your labels from others around it. Big printing companies are able to create custom die cut to allow you to come up with a unique label shape for your products.

Before you design labels to win a shelf space, check what your competitors have done. This way, you will avoid creating similar labels to make your products pop from the shelves.