The Impact Of Color Theory On Digital Printing

Color plays an important role in the world of digital label printing and often has an impact on how consumers will react to your products. Colors have an emotional connection and as a producer you need to consider incorporating the use of color in label printing. The role of color in labels, brochures, flyers and posters can have impact with strong vibrant colors often standing out. Colors alone may not help get the message across, but it is important to understand color psychology when you are designing product labels.

How People Respond To Different Colors

Psychologists have discovered that different colors carry different responses. Colors have the capability of influencing consumers and their purchasing habits. Basically, colors are categorized into two groups; warm colors and cool colors. Colors falling into these two categories help to evoke a response from consumers. Cool colors are associated with a secure and calm state while warmer colors are associated with energy. Let’s take a look different colors and the role they play when designing labels for your products.

Warm Colors

  • Black: Yes, black is considered as a warm color. This color is associated with power and wealth and it is often used to promote luxury products. To bring out sophistication in a product, black is used a primary color. Black is mostly used to design labels for goods like jewelry, clothing and luxury cars. Be careful not to include black in promoting areas like energy and health care.
  • Pink: This color is associated with feminism and it is often used to market goods to young girls and women. However, this color is not only limited to the female consumers. It is considered as a calming color and often evokes a sense of romance. Pink color is considered a powerful tool when it comes to designing custom labels for the clothing and beauty industries. Recently, this color has made its way into the automotive and travel industry.
  • Yellow: This color creates a sense of optimism. It can only be used with limited number of colors like red to create promotional labels. Yellow works really well in the household, energy and food industries.
  • Red: Color red is the most dominant color when it comes to digital printing. This color can be seen on most posters and labels and it is often used to evoke emotions like aggression, energy and danger. If you are looking to create attention grabbing labels, you need to consider including color red into the design.

Cool Colors

Blue: Color blue is a calming color and it evokes the sense of security and trust. Big brands like HP, Samsung, Intel, Facebook and IBM use this color in their print material to connect more with their customers.

Purple: Purple is considered a royal color. It has calming and soothing influences and is often associated with elegance. This color is mostly applied in the beauty and health industries.

Green: This color is associated with health and wealth. Green is relaxing to look at and it is easy for the human mind and eye to process.  It is mostly used to design food labels and pharmaceutical labels.

Brown: This color cannot be used on its own to create a product label. It is mostly used to create a neutral connection. You have to be extremely cautious when using brown since most consumers associate it with lack of cleanliness and dirt.