The Future Of Craft Beer Labels At A Glance

From simple labels with logos that feature nature inspired designs to intricately designed ones complete with international models, craft beer logos have always demanded creativity. Of course this has a lot to do with trying to capture consumer attention. But what happens when there seems to be an optimum peak where labels merge with no prospects of becoming anything but simple? Strange as it may sound, this is already happening. However, it is not because there is a void in label designing. It is not because the market is plummeting either. Designers have embraced the fact that in a market where everyone wants to stand out with the extraordinary, simple always wins. Most if not all, seem to be going for simple designs.  Is this all there is into these logo? The answer is no!


Unlike other markets in the beverage industry, the craft beer market shows no signs of slowing down. This is by all means good news to anyone in the industry. Unfortunately to newcomers in the market, it means taking into account extraordinary measures so as to stand out. For the big wigs, it means embracing out of the box ideas in an effort to stay afloat. That is exactly where the need to rebrand comes into the picture. It is a delicate balance for several reasons. For starters, consumers who already identify with a certain brand may find it hard to adopt to changes even in simple craft beer aspects like label design changes. Some may feel the taste has changed. They may then find the beer tastier than before and even invigorating.

Whatever you do, hint to consumers that the change has no effect the quality of their craft beer. If rebranding is part of an overhaul that includes an overhaul which extends to beer quality, make that clear too in the label. This may seem subtle, but for loyal consumers it means feeling appreciated enough to make strides with the company on a journey that leads to a better tomorrow.

Nutrition Content

Today’s consumers’ are not just enlightened. They are also empowered.  They will easily ditch a product that chooses to go the subtle path as far as nutrition content is concerned. In other words, consumers want to know if what they choose to consume is good for their health. Fortunately for the craft beer industry, the product always features at least 4 main products – barley, sugars, preservatives and in very rare instances, artificial coloring. Let your consumers know what your product is made of in a clear and direct way. Let them know too the nutrient content of all the ingredients that make up your craft beer. This information will hardly take a third of the label.


It is hard to deny that is this is an integral part of product labeling especially when it comes to craft beer. While simplicity always wins, it is still important to come up with aesthetically appealing labels that catch and nab the attention of consumers who know little or nothing about your product. How else will you recruit them as loyal brand followers apart from conventional marketing that is TV and print media? In a nutshell, your labels should complement your marketing efforts by standing out. Choose colors that people easily identify with. Likewise, choose simple but aesthetically appealing fonts.