Take Advantage Of Full Color Labeling To Increase Your Sales This Summer

A product without label is like a person without an identity. Full color labels play a major role in marketing products. That is, they make your products known to the public and nothing would make your products more visible like full color labels. Below are some of the reasons why one needs to take advantage of full color labeling.

Consumer Recall

A person’s visual perception is the most imperative sense when it comes to recall. Full color labeling provides the advantage to this fact as it enhances brand exposure and visibility to the target market, and also reduces the probability of a product to be skipped or ignored by consumers. Today, consumers are bombarded with hundreds of products per day and you need to create a label that will be captivating enough to make it easy for the consumer to pick your product. Customers literally have seconds to decide whether they will pick a product or not. Having an appealing label that is simply designed reduces the time a consumer has to take to think about your product.

Black and White Labeling vs. Full Color Labeling

For decades, marketers have known the fact that eyes are drawn to full color labeling rather than black and white labeling as first impressions last. Full color labeling brings forth different colors which trigger different reactions such as; blue communicates trust and peace while pink communicates unconditional love and nurturing. Black and white labeling simplicity is not able to bring forth such values. As a manufacturer, it is important to study color psychology to help you choose the right colors for your products. Colors have the power to influence buyers into impulse buying.

Custom Labeling

Custom labeling in full color allows the producer to customize the labels in colors and manner that will attract the consumer. A product will lie on the shelf, buyers will feel attracted to the color blend of the packaging and label which will influence them to buy products that were not in their shopping list in the first place. This is simply due to the power that full color labeling holds to visual perception. Also, you can apply color in creative way to make your labels more interesting. For example, you can use a clear front label to show the contents in a container. The back label can be opaque but have the backside of the label to be colored to allow consumers see the color through the container.


In a situation where products are identical or of the same caliber full color labeling plays a foremost role as it enables products to be easily differentiated. Black and white labeling may not be able to fully provide this value as the labels will look similar.


Full color labeling will retain its vibrancy long into the future and in so doing it gives the business more bang into the market thus increasing the sales. It is necessary to allow items that need to be viewed repeatedly like business cards to take advantage of the full color labeling.

In Oder to make your brand known, acquire market niche and increase sales, take advantage of full color labeling.