Scented Labels – An Effective Trend Or Just A Fuss?

You may not know this but scent is the most effective and strongest trigger of memory. It is also the main driving force behind consumer purchase trends. That is why products such as body washes, soaps, air fresheners and colognes choose to focus on scent as their key point of differentiation. Their manufacturers know that scent alone can create a personal and even emotional connection between a consumer and their products. This explains why scent adverting is quickly becoming a trend with products now featuring uniquely designed and scented labels. Scent, just like aesthetics now makes a vital component of a consumer purchasing trends. But is this an effective trend or just a fuss?

Scent And Label Designs

It is hard and to some extent impossible to come across poorly designed products that try to capture a consumer’s attention with scented labels. So far the trend is, scented labels always accompany unique and appealing designs. It is easy to see how this works and why it is effective. First, the manufacturer captures a consumer’s attention through an appealing and colorful design. Aesthetics here play a role. A consumer then feels the unique scent and quickly makes a mental note of the product. The consumer may or may not buy the product promptly. However, the scent and the unique design will have appealed to the subconscious already. The next time the consumer comes across the product, he or she will certainly buy it.

Scents That Trigger Specific Moods

Do scents really affect moods? They do! Researchers have for a long time studied this phenomenon. It is a known fact amongst researchers that the pine festive aroma reduces stress. It triggers happiness, a mood that can send one into an impulse buying spree. Japan’s Kyoto University studied this strange effect on pine on human behavior. Research participants with anxiety and depression recorded low levels of anxiety and depression each time they walked through pined filled woods.

It doesn’t end at just pine scents. Lavender’s calming effect is well documented in so many journals and publications. The same can be said about jasmine and its calming effect. It does not come as a surprise therefore, that these two scents are widely used from scented teas and body products all the way to stuffed toys and beddings.

Color And Scents

Just like scents and unique designs, scents and colors go hand in hand. That is, some scents work well and achieve a better outcome when paired with specific colors. The orange scent is for instance, associated with happiness and relaxing mood. It often accompanies food products that feature tangerine, orange or yellow colors which are known to boost appetite. There is also the rosemary scent, which has been proven to amplify memory. It used in book and magazine labels which are mostly green in color.

Scented Labels Service Providers

They are there in numbers to take advantage of this emerging trend. While this is a good thing , it may mean being overly cautious so as to find one that guarantees value for money. This may mean taking into account factors such as staff qualification and experience before hiring one.