When Do You Require BOPP Labels?

With so many different materials to choose from when getting your labels designed, you might end up feeling a little lost and overwhelmed. The importance of this step cannot be overstated considering the fact that every different shape and surface requires a specific type of label both for functional and aesthetic purposes.

Today we take a look at BOPP labels and the specific contexts within which their use would be appropriate as well as successful. BOPP, an abbreviation of Bi-axially Oriented Poly-Propylene, is readily available for the manufacture of labels in 4 major forms:

Silver BOPP Labels

Also referred to as Chrome BOPP, this type of label is highly renowned for its reflective finish that makes it ideal when a visually dominant label is requisite. It has a remarkably high resistance threshold to moisture, oil as well as water. It is also weather-resistant making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

It is a popular choice for candle labels and wine bottle labels both of which require the delicate combination of high visual appeal and versatility. But owing to the fact that it does not last too long under constant exposure to ultraviolet rays and sunshine, it would not be the best choice for outdoor advertising.

Clear BOPP

There are certain situations that require the application of a label that is not so prominent. Popularly referred to as a no-label look, this kind of tagging is ideal for products that are innately attractive and whose contents are better off not being obscured.

Many jar labels are designed to show off their contents as are most beverage bottles. It is also an indispensable type of labeling for window stickers designed to convey important messages without portraying a shady look.

White BOPP

This is usually a highly preferred choice for products that spend most of their lives in high moisture surroundings or oily surfaces. Consequently it is used for indoor items requiring a permanent label like bath and body products and refrigeration container labels.

Apart from having high resistant to almost all forms of destructive products, this type of label also owes its durability capabilities to its light weight and high flexibility. This makes it very difficult to tear or get scratches from abrasive materials.

Removable White BOPP

As the name suggests, this type of label is renowned for its ease of repositioning or complete removal. This is largely owing to the type of adhesive used as it is relatively mild as compared to most others while at the same time easy to reactivate for label re-application.

It’s most common application is for stickers and the best part about it is that even when removed it will not leave behind any messy residue. It would be the best choice for motor vehicle bumper stickers, reward stickers or periodically used discount label coupons.

Taking the above information on the different types of BOPP labels as well as their usage, you are now in a position to make the best choice for your type of application. The next challenge is to pick the ideal partner to guide you through the rest of the process and you are good to go.