Push Your Marketing Boundaries With Innovative Promotional Labels

Promotional labels are all about marketing a product or service. Promotions are done to introduce a new product to potential customers or provide special information about a product to potential buyers and existing buyers. This special information may include the characteristics or striking benefits of the product, discounts, redeemable coupons, giveaways, games & draws or instructions of how to use the uncommon or new products. Therefore, promotions include messages and actions with a bottom line aim to persuade potential buyers into making an immediate or future purchase of the product. These labels not only promote sales but make the product memorable and the labels details help to build brand awareness and loyalty.

If the target audience has no way of accessing the information provided, then the product promotion is a flop. Therefore, it is a paramount to make the information accessible and clear.  One of the lines of attack to achieve this is by designing innovative and clairvoyant promotional labels. The promotion will succeed as much as the effectiveness of the promotional labels.

Therefore, when developing promotional labels, it is prudent to consider an array of factors to ensure maximum impact on potential consumers.

The Target Audience

Your target audience will define the mode of delivering the labels. For example the typical middle working class, emails may be appropriate to disseminate the promotional labels, handing out flyers immediately after working hours e.g. lunchtime, close of business etc. When targeting shoppers, mall entrances and supermarkets may be an ideal location to disseminate the labels.

The Promotion Strategy

Strategy is a key point of consideration too. This defines the message and the output format of the labels. An example is the promotion of an event where a product will be launched. The labels should contain information on the relevance of the product to the target group. This might call for public presentations on screens along streets, sub-way entrances etc.

The Purpose Of The Promotion

This factor matters a lot. When building awareness on the benefits of a product that has a significant market share, the labels can be embedded on the product packaging. However, when introducing a new product then bigger sized and wider reaching labels would do e.g. banners, demonstration desks and stations and free giveaways messages.

Popular Materials for Promotional Labels

The main aim of a promotion is to attract attention so that you have an opportunity to introduce your product to the consumers. It is not just enough to have a unique label design. You also need to consider the type of label material you invest in. For example, using glossy labels or foil labels will gain more attention since they are more noticeable.

The budget available to run the promotion would influence the labels in that a lower budget would mean few people striving to reach as many people as possible with the labels and the labels being in smaller size or quantity for cost-efficiency. If this inhibits the effectiveness of the promotion then the use of technology should come in handy e.g. social media adverts and posts.