Promote Your Product Sales This Valentine’s Day By Using Full Color Labels

As Valentine’s Day approaches, everyone will be looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Valentine gifts are meant to show loved ones how much they appreciated and for that reason, consumers will look for products that are in attractive packaging. If you are looking to promote your product sales this Valentine’s Day, you need to come up with creative seasonal labeling designs such as full color labels that not only celebrate the season of love, but also attractive.

To make your products stand out this Valentine’s Day, you need to incorporate more color in your label designs. Full color labels are a great way to attract the attention of consumers to your products. Before choosing the colors for your label designs, find out how your target audience perceivesdifferent colors and what they mean to them depending on their experiences and culture. We have provided tips you can use to create effective full color labels to promote your product sales this Valentine’s Day.

Choose The Right Colors

The choice of colors you use on your product labels play an important role in how a product is viewed. Since you are looking to promote your products during Valentine’s Day, you have to use a color that is relevant to the occasion. Color red is primarily used during Valentine’s celebrations and you need to get in tune with the occasion and incorporate this color in your label design. Color red represents love, strength, speed and power. It is a very bold color and makes a product stand out among the competition. If you are selling adult relationship items, color red will help promote your products since it is associated with intimacy.

Use High-Quality Images

To enhance your full color labels, you need to incorporate images in your label design. The quality of images you use in your labels will influence how consumers perceive your product.  Jagged or blurry images result in poor quality labels and these will lower the quality of your products. You want to use high quality images. When printing full color labels,use images that have more 300dpi. Make sure that you use images that are relevant to Valentine’s day like maybe a couple having a romantic dinner or simply use the symbol of a heart that signifies love.

Use Clear Messages

Using color and images is not enough to convince your customers to buy your products on Valentine’s Day. Customers shopping specifically for this special day will be on the lookout for products that promote the occasion. Use clear messages that show your product is an ideal gift for this day or that couples need to get your product to make the day more special. Explain why your product is unique and why they need to buy that particular product. When designing your messages, use a font that is attractive. The text should be legible and of the right size so that it can be viewed from a distance.

Use QR Code Labels

You can further promote your products this Valentine’s by giving discounts and special gifts to consumers. You can ask your customers to take part in a survey and when they do, they stand a chance to win free romantic getaways. Include a QR code in your labels which they will scan using their smartphones to get to your web page. Here they can take part in the survey. The more products they buy the greater chance they have of winning. Doing this will not only help promote your products, but you will also gather important information about your product which you will use to improve your brand.