Top Applications for Shrink Sleeves

A shrink sleeve is a popular label type that can fit most containers as well as contour to unorthodox shapes. They are also full color and feature all-round (360°) design coverage. Printing on shrink sleeve films often involves many intricate tasks: priming, pre-pressing, printing, varnishing, slitting (for uniform edges), sealing and everything that leads to the final heat shrinking stage. The common printing processes that are used to manufacture shrink sleeves include digital printing, flexography and rotogravure. In addition, they can be produced in roll form or as cut labels.

At Hampshire Label, we can produce high quality shrink sleeves that can effortlessly maximize the marketing space on your product and impressing your customers. What’s more, we offer the most competitive rates when it comes to manufacturing custom labels, shrink sleeves included. To find out more about our shrink sleeve label solutions, feel free to contact us today via email or a phone call.

With head turning graphics and a smooth finish, custom printed shrink sleeve labels have been shown to increase sales by 20% over traditional pressure sensitive labeling. Shrink sleeves are one of our most durable label products because it’s printed on plastic or polyester film material – perfect for products that encounter moisture or friction. Popular benefits of using shrink sleeve labels include:

  • Full color, 360° design coverage.
  • Fits most containers and can contour to special shapes.
  • Moisture and abrasion resistant.
  • No adhesive makes containers reusable.

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