Top Applications for Matrix or QR Code Labels

  • Asset ID Tags
  • Aisle Signs
  • Warehouse Pallet Racking
  • Warehouse Labels
  • Promotional Labels
  • Automobile Part Labels
  • Retail Packaging
  • Variable Data
  • Variable Imaging

Contrary to popular belief, matrix and QR code labels are not the same; but they are similar. Matrix code labels consist of a 2D code with black and white modules, storing up to 2,335 alphanumeric characters. These labels are commonly used by the military industry. QR code labels consist of a 2D code that can feature data either in an alphanumeric or binary form. Even though QR code labels are first used by the automobile industry, they have become popular today for marketing to smartphone users as the code labels can be scanned on the phone to display information or open a website page on the phone. Matrix and QR code labels are celebrated for their capability to encode a large amount of data in a small space.

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QR code labels can either be printed separately or you can incorporate them in your current product label to create customer engagement. How do they work? Customers scan the QR code on the label using smartphone apps to connect to your website to get more information or access sweepstakes giveaway. The QR code can also act as a coupon code which encourages customers to buy your product. QR code labels are becoming popular since most people are able to access the internet using their smartphones.

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