Beverage labels often have to stand up to the challenges of moisture, friction, and varying temperatures. We take into consideration all the things your labels will face because quality labels make better first impressions with thirsty customers. If moisture is a concern, using a laminate finish on paper label materials will help repel condensation and product contents from ruining your design. Film labels are another option that work well for beverage products that face a lot of moisture. We’ve printed custom labels and shrink sleeves for a variety of beverages – let us help you make your label goals a reality

When you design your beverage labels, you should list all instructions and ingredients in a small but readable font. If your labels are going to be exposed to moisture, it is pertinent that you choose label materials that can hold up well in the pantry, kitchen, fridge and even an ice bucket. You can also help your beverage labels make a lasting impression by printing photographic quality images. Alternatively, opting for shrink sleeve labels enables you to include eye-catching, 360-degree graphics that effortlessly adds visual interest to your beverage products.

Hampshire Label has been in the custom label business for more than four decades. When it comes to beverage labels, you can be sure that we are familiar with the industry requirements; from knowing what type of inks to use and which adhesives can meet the beverage industry standards. What’s more, you can order your labels at very competitive prices and we can produce your labels within a short turnaround time. Want to know more about our beverage label printing expertise? Drop us a call now to find out more about our beverage labels!

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