Label Shape Trends To Expect In 2018

Packaging designs are evolving with each passing year and that means that producers and manufacturers have to keep up with these trends if they are going to survive the market competition. As packaging designs change, there is also need to change how a company designs their product labels. Gone are the days when companies only used traditional label shapes. There is need to think outside the box and get creative when designing product labels. This article will focus on label shape trends to expect in 2018 and the approach one should use to come up with creative ways to label and package their products.


Keep your labels simple. What does this mean? You don’t have to use complicated graphics designs and fonts to design labels. Instead, make your designs as simple as possible. The size of label you choose will determine how much you can put in a label. If you are looking to keep your label designs simple, the best label shape to use would be the circle labels. They have a limited surface area so that means you can only include vital information about your product. Circle labels cover a small portion of a product’s surface and they are best applied on transparent containers that show off the contents in a package.


Color is one of the most important factors to consider when creating eye-catching labels. You need to add color in your labels when you are packaging your products in opaque containers.  Use colors that are consistent with your brand. The best label shapes to apply when designing labels for an opaque product container are the square or rectangle labels. You can have the front and back labels to increase the surface area of your labels.


Products such as cosmetics and drinks tend to have more appeal when consumers are able to see contents in a container. Let’s use perfume as an example. Perfume is usually bottled in small clear containers to allow consumers see the contents. When designing labels for such a product, you have to get creative. People who buy perfume are very particular and they are very sensitive to how a product is packaged. For these types of products, you need to use oval labels. Better yet, have two different labels shapes for the front and the back of the container. For instance, the front label can be a clear oval label and the front label can be an opaque square label to allow consumers see the patterns at the back label through the container. This creates an interesting effect in a product making it sophisticated.


Not all label materials can be used to design different label shapes. As a producer or manufacturer, you need to carefully choose a label material that will support your label shapes. Label shapes like rounded corners are very sensitive because they can peel off easily. This means you need to choose a label material that will stick permanently onto your product. This is where you need to invest in pressure sensitive labels. Choose an adhesive that will offer durable solutions.