Top Features of Tamper Proof Labels

  • Secure closures of packaging
  • Lifts without leaving a trace of residue
  • Ensures no damage to the packaging
  • Come in different types of finishes
  • Used for sealing expensive and reusable packaging
  • Protected with UV coating so that the labels stay durable for years
  • Moisture resistant

At Hampshire Label, we use destructive materials to make tamper proof labels which make it hard to tamper with sealed products. It is our commitment to utilize high end printing technology to ensure our clients get high quality tamper proof labels. We partner with our clients to come up with unique print designs for their labels to ensure they are secure and cannot be counterfeited. Having over 40 years of experience, we have seen small businesses grow through our label solutions, and that has inspired us to provide a complimentary proofing service to benefit our customers further. For more information about tamper proof labels, you can talk to our efficient customer representatives. Contact us today to place your order!

Tamper proof labels are used on products to guarantee the end user that the product they are buying has not been interfered with between the point of manufacture and point of purchase. Typically, products go through several stages between when they are manufactured and when they are consumed.

This means that it takes several days or weeks for the products to reach the consumer and most will typically pass through different people and different companies before they reach their end users. This process raises the prospect of tampering, intentionally or otherwise that may pose health and safety hazards to the end user. In this article, we tell you why you need tamper proof labels.

One of the critical reasons why tamper proof labels are used is to protect the end user. Typically, this applies to products that are consumed as food or drinks; or are ingested by a consumer and therefore pose serious risks for poisoning if tampered with. Using tamper proof labels gives the customer the assurance that the content in the package has not been interfered with from the point it left the manufacturing plant to the point where it got into their possession. If the tamper proof label has been interfered with, a customer can easily know and either report to the retailer/manufacturer or avoid buying the product.

Using tamper proof labels minimizes the risk of tampering and protects your business from crippling lawsuits. Tamper proof labels also helps in such lawsuits as they prove that you have taken reasonable measures to protect your customers from being harmed by products that have been interfered with.

Using tamper proof labels assures your customers that the product is likely to be fresh as tamper proof labels discourage opening and closing packages that often leads to products going bad. Because products that have their tamper proof seal broken are considered unsuitable for sale, handlers and shippers cannot afford to open packages as it would lead to excessive wastage of the product. All these factors lead to the product staying fresh and at a quality level that is satisfactory to your customers.

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