Top Features of Recyclable Labels

  • Highly versatile to suit different design requirements
  • White text is possible to be printed on clear labels with barcode
  • Can be printed on sheets or rolls
  • Protected with UV coating so that the labels stay durable for years
  • Moisture resistant
  • Easy to remove with no messy residue

Hampshire Label is a trusted source for printing recyclable labels at affordable prices. We have been in the label printing business for over 40 years and offer stellar label solutions across different industries. We use the latest technology in printing our recyclable labels such as using compostable materials to make environment friendly labels. Besides offering a complimentary proofing service, you can also count on our on-demand print design services if you need professional label design expertise. Hampshire Label also promises a fast turnaround time so we can facilitate short notice orders seamlessly. Contact us today for more information about recyclable labels!

Recycled, recyclable, and renewable are often used interchangeably but there are several key differences when it comes to eco-friendly labels:

Recycled means the label stock contains materials recycled from the manufacturing process or post-consumer waste.

Recyclable means the label can safely go through the recycling process. (Please note that most sensitive labels cannot be recycled due to their adhesive, unless they use a “recycling compatible adhesive” which are a specialty product.)

Renewable means the label stock comes from resources which can be replenished as quickly as they’re used. Examples of renewable materials include corn, sugar cane, and bamboo.

Other label types