Top Features of Prime Papers Up to 18pt. Tag Labels

  • Eye-catching with a sophisticated look
  • Highly versatile to suit different design requirements
  • Makes a memorable first impression
  • Come in different types of finishes
  • For sheet die cutting
  • Can be protected with UV coating
  • Best for packaging industries

At Hampshire Label, we can print labels made from prime papers up to 18pt by using the latest label printing equipment. With more than four decades of experience and knowledge in the industry, we understand that every customer has unique requirements when it comes to labeling their products. That is why we practice a client-first approach and listen to your needs before we make our recommendations for your labels. What’s more, we offer highly competitive pricing for our labels made with prime paper up to 18pt and you can certainly expect a fast turnaround time for your orders. Talk to us today and learn more about our label capabilities!

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