Top Features of Prime Film Labels

  • Eye-catching with a classy look
  • Highly versatile to suit different design requirements
  • White background with barcode on top
  • Protected with UV coating so that the labels stay durable for years
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Permanent or removable adhesive

At Hampshire Label, we understand that the way you label your products reflects your company’s brand image. We provide our customers with a wide range of prime film labels which exhibit the highest quality standards. We have amassed over 40 years of experience in label printing, which gives us an advantage over our competitors. Hampshire Label offers very competitive prices and we deliver our work on time. Whether you are a startup business or an established company, we are here to help your market size grow by providing the best quality prime film labels. For more information on prime film labels, contact us today!

Film labels give a pristine, high-quality look to your products, and really show their strength when durability is critical. Film won’t tear or rip as easily as paper, making it the ideal choice for custom labels that are exposed to abrasion and rough handling. Worried about water exposure? Film’s water resistant capabilities can withstand whatever liquid comes its way, protecting your printed image.

We can print your custom film labels on a variety of materials like white BOPP, clear polypropylene, silver polyester, vinyl, and more. Let us know your label requirements and we can help you select the right film. Our dedicated customer service team is ready to help you navigate the options to create a labeling solution.

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