Top Features of Holographic Labels

  • Available in silver, gold or transparent holograms
  • Each holographic label is unique
  • Provide enhanced security protection
  • Highly versatile to suit different design requirements
  • Can be printed on sheets

Products that call for the use of holographic labels require a high level of security. At Hampshire Label, we understand that these labels need to be done in a way that assures the authenticity of your products. We have over 40 years of experience and we use the latest printing technology to print quality holographic labels. Our team also offers on-demand print design services to help you come up with customized holographic labels that cannot be easily counterfeited. To learn more about holographic labels, contact us today!

Highly flexible and very thin, our Holographic Labels are natural shelf stoppers. The light and reflection attracts attention and differentiates brands to accelerated sales.

Holographic labels provide a unique finish to products that other types of labels cannot attain. So this means that when you use holographic labels, your products attain an amplified sense of value ad this helps to entice customers. Most consumers want to be associated with high quality products and applying holographic labels helps you to increase your product sales. Customers also trust goods with holographic labels since they are assured of buying genuine products. Brand image is the lifeline to every business and if it is tarnished then that usually means the end of a brand. On the contrary, when you have a good brand image, you end up winning the trust of consumers which helps your business to grow.

According to International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), five to seven percent of world trade is made up of counterfeit goods. From these statistics you can see that counterfeit goods are a big problem and they pose a great threat to most businesses. How do holographic labels prevent counterfeit goods? Holograms are created through a specialized program and technological equipment that makes it extremely hard to forge the images created.

A business owner can use holographic labels on his products and alert the consumers what they need to look out for to tell whether they are buying the original product or not. Big manufacturing industries like HP and Louis Vuitton have adopted the use of holographic labels to help their consumers quickly identify legitimate products.

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