Top Features of Foil Labels

  • Highly versatile to suit different design requirements
  • Can be designed in any size and shape
  • Protected with UV coating so that the labels stay durable for years
  • Moisture resistant
  • Durable strong adhesive
  • Eye-catching with a classy look

At Hampshire Label, we are known for our production efficiency and we are the leading label printing company with over 40 years of experience in the business. We use the latest printing technology to ensure you get top quality foil labels at a reasonable price. When you print foil labels with us, you are guaranteed fast turnaround time.

In addition, we have our customer care service team working around the clock to assist in any queries our customers have. We also offer on-demand print design services and our team of experts will help you come up with the best foil label design that will stand out. For more information about foil labels, contact us today.

Foil stamping is a method of printing that releases the foil to the surface of your label when the foil is stamped with a heated die. This process is sometimes called “block print” or “hot foil and stamp”. Foil labels are not embossed, though the foil can appear to be slightly raised.

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