Top Features of Fluorescent Labels

  • Eye-catching with a classy look
  • Highly versatile to suit different design requirements
  • Laser and inkjet printable
  • Can be printed on sheets or rolls
  • Available in a variety of vibrant colors
  • Standard permanent adhesive
  • Easy to remove with no messy residue

At Hampshire Label, we guarantee to offer the lowest prices for fluorescent labels. We use the latest printing technology to ensure that our clients get quality labels for their products. No matter your location, we have the best shipping arrangements that ensure you get your labels fast and on time. We do not have a minimum order policy on fluorescent labels, which means you can order the exact number of labels that you require. Besides offering complimentary proofing services, we have a qualified design team that offers on-demand print services to ensure you come up with a dynamic fluorescent label design. Contact us for more information on fluorescent labels!

Fluorescent labels – also known as bright color labels – can get noticed faster and more often than regular labels. With its luminosity, fluorescent labels can help grab the attention of your consumers as well as provide warnings for hazardous materials. We carry five of the most common fluorescent label stocks – red, green, yellow, pink and orange. We can also flood-coat stocks to almost any desired color in case you need a specific color for your labeling project.

Bright color labels serve multiple purposes across a variety of industries from food and beverage, to industrial and pharmaceutical. We’ve printed custom fluorescent labels for customers looking to promote a product or sale, as well as manufacturers that need to call attention to hazardous materials and safety conditions for employees. Drawing attention to your product, inventory, machinery, etc. is easier when you have bright fluorescent labels.

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