Top Features of Durable Outdoor Labels

  • Highly versatile to suit different design requirements
  • Water, abrasion and heat resistant
  • Come in different types of finishes
  • Available in custom shapes and sizes
  • Protected with UV coating so that the labels stay durable for years
  • Easy to remove with no messy residue

At Hampshire Label, we understand that a business has to create a unique brand while looking for cost-effective solutions for product packaging or marketing. We use the latest printing technology to make quality durable outdoor labels that can be useful in a variety of different environments. We have amassed over 40 years of experience in label solutions and is highly dedicated to helping small businesses grow their product brands with unique, long-lasting labels. We also guarantee the most competitive prices and fast turnaround time, while providing a complimentary proofing service. Call today to find out more about durable outdoor labels!

The solution for Durable Outdoor Labels is almost always Vinyl. Durable Outdoor Labels are primarily used for drum label applications, but our materials are good for a wide range of applications. Withstanding all temperature and outdoor conditions, Excellent chemical resistance and Excellent opacity/convertibility. Outdoor vinyl material is known for its outstanding durability. It is weatherproof and can last for up to 6 years. It is the best option for bumper stickers, window labels. Anytime you need weatherproof full color labels, always opt for outdoor vinyl.

Another option for a Durable Label is Polyester or PET/PETE. This substrate shines when its put to the test with temperature. Polyester materials can withstand temperatures of 300+ Fahrenheit and is excellent in UV/Outdoor conditions. Polyester also provide excellent chemical resistance. Applications that use Polyester substrates are cell phones and other electronic devices that endure high levels of temperature in order to operate. This is the ultimate material for high quality color labels. You definitely want a full color label that can withstand very high temperatures and resist numerous solvents such as cleaning products and oils just to name a few. Durable polyester is the best material if you need full color labels for automotive, petroleum and aerospace business.

Other label types