Top Features of BS5609 Labels

  • Technologically Advanced Equipment
  • UL® 969 w/Inks: UL recognized with Durst Tau 330 inks
  • Globally Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) standards
  • Highly versatile to suit various design requirements
  • Merchant Shipping Regulations
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG)
  • Protected with UV Coating
  • Moisture Resistant

BS 5609 indicates that the substrate is certified for Section 2 and Section 3 Marine Immersion label testing. The BS 5609 is often used on painted steel and polyethylene drums, our face-stocks have been chosen for their ability to withstand harsh settings and outdoor contact. Our BS 5609 face-stocks are combined with strong adhesives to offer flexibility.

Chemical manufacturers need to ensure that they select the right label material to use on their BS5609 labels. The label material should be durable and should last the entire lifetime of the label. The ink used on the label should be able to withstand harsh weather elements and should be legible. If you export your chemicals, these labels need to be waterproof and you need to use water proof adhesives that will ensure the labels do not come off in case the chemicals get in contact with water.

If you are not sure whether your label designs meet all the requirements, contact us at Hampshire Label for more information. Our customer care representatives will answer all your questions regarding BS5609 labels.

At Hampshire Label, we understand that some products need to be handled with extra caution and that the general public needs to be aware of impending danger if they get into contact with such products. We have over 40 years of experience in label solutions and understand that BS5609 labels need to be as accurate as possible. More importantly, we guarantee you the best prices possible when you order our high-quality labels which are printed by using state of the art printing equipment. Our customer care staff members are also on standby to answer any queries you may have on the services and products available. Contact us today for more information about BS5609 Labels.

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