How to Design Product Labels That Sell

Product labels are an ingenious form of advertisement. A stunning design can influence a person’s purchase decisions. If you are going to design a label for your goods, you need to know that it must be appealing. Although it is necessary that the design looks beautiful, there are more things that you have to remember in order to come up with a label design that sells.

It Should Send a Clear Message

Make a list of advantages or benefits from using the product. These are information that you would want the customers to see and understand even at a glance. The focus is that you will be able to introduce the product in a concise manner. It should have the brand name, logo, and at least two benefits that make it unique or superior from the competition.

It Should Be Readable

One important factor that you have to consider when designing a label is the font. It must be readable for the readers. Take note that different age groups may prefer certain fonts. If your target market is the younger people, quirky fonts could be an advantage. For the older market, clear and formal fonts should do the trick.

Size and Shape of the Container

The size and shape of the label matters and must be matched to the size and shape of the container. Each shape has a unique feature that has to be considered. For example, rectangular and square shapes will give more room for design so you can add images, text, bar code, and other graphics. Oval and circle, on the other hand, has less design space but will look more elegant and formal.

It Should Complement with the Product

Take note that if the product looks good on its own, the label should be small so that the product stands out and not be covered by the label. However, for less visually-appealing product, you may design a larger label so it can hide the product but you will still be able to entice the customer to buy.

Use Colors to Your Advantage

Choosing colors appropriately could actually help the customer identify your product in an instant. Upon choosing colors for the label, start by picturing out how your product will look with those colors. Then, get some pictures of other products from the same category and place yours alongside them. Does it blend in to the point that it becomes invisible? Or does it stand out and look enticing?

Don’t Settle for a Single Design

Even if you have followed all the tips in designing a product label, give room for the possibility that the audience may not like it. Make several designs and let the people speak. Use social media platforms to create a survey about it. This will help you make the necessary design adjustments based on the response of customers.

Printing the Product Label

When done and ready, have only the best company to print your labels. Hampshire Label specializes in advanced labeling solutions and is capable of printing out high quality product labels. You may choose from a wide array of label materials like vinyl labels, foil labels, embossed labels, and others.