How To Choose Labels For The Food And Beverage Industry

How hard is it to create labels for the food and beverage industry? Time and effort is of the essence when building your brand in the food and beverage industry. You need to put on your resources to capture design elements that are good for your brand. Consider imagery, typography, and all other factors to make sure your label will be catchy. In the competitive world of food, you need to choose your labels for the food and beverage industry wisely.

Using Matte Labels

One of the popular choices you have for your food and beverage labels is the use of matte labels. This material has that natural appeal that add to the selling point of your brand. A shiny label will not work if you are selling unprocessed or healthy foods. With a matte label, your customers will be able to establish its difference from products with glossier labels. This can dictate whether they will buy your product or not.

Knowing What to Display on Your Label

Apart from the product name, your customers will be very conscious about the ingredients contained in your food and beverage. In the United States, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will see to it that you adhere to proper labeling regulations for your food products. These products should be displayed together with other commercial food products in store shelves.

Other pertinent information that your labels must contain are the quantity or net weight that the pack contains. The name and address of the manufacturer as well as the distribution company should also be clearly indicated in the pack. The nutritional value of the product must also be emphasized. When you have chosen the company that will create your food labels, you should make sure that it understands that more than visual appeal, you also want your customers to be informed about what your product contains.

Choosing a Label that Maximizes Visual Appeal

A custom logo design and artwork for your product label will help it stand out among the rest. Considering that the food and beverage market is very concentrated, you need to find a way to be able to maximize your visual appeal. You can use full color labels to highlight your product’s appeal so that it can easily stand out to consumers who are visiting retail and grocery stores.

Checking Accurate Information

Before your label gets printed, the maker must be able to present the layout to you. You should check whether it adheres with the guidelines of the US FDA. The information presented in the label must also be accurate. A company that has years of experience in the business of creating food and beverage labels can help make sure you will get that.

Thinking of How it Can Increase Your Market Share

Accuracy of information in your product labels should be supported by a design that will assure you will get your fair share in the market. A label that can be easily compared with other food and beverage products will help you rethink about your brand and see what else you can improve in order to achieve stability in the marketplace. With the right labels, you can improve your visibility in the market.