How To Appeal To Both Sexes Simultaneously With Labels

It sounds strange how some of the most effective label designs in the world are based on templates that are extremely simple.  It gets even more surprising how simple designs remain relevant when everything else is changing in the printing industry.  2D and 3D Designs took over the industry and revolutionized nearly all printing aspects. Brands now feature impressive and stunning labels in a bid to convince consumers that product x is better than product y. But what happens where one wants to come up with labels that appeal to both men and women with ease? No doubt this can be a daunting exercise given the fact that men and women are emotionally moved by different things. Here’s what to do.

Be Keen on Typography

Typography is one of the most transformative elements in graphic design. Go for a classis serif so as to create an aspirational design. Alternatively, consider a pared back sans serif so as to pitch a product that is both cool and trendy.

Beer and wine labels stand out as great examples of how to choose typography designs that appeal to both sexes. The bottom line here is to not just keep things simple but to also think outside the box. That’s because when it comes to typography, there is a thin, almost nonexistent line between what men find appealing and what women find appealing.  That explains why most champagne labels use heavily tracked headers or convectional serif typefaces. Beer labels on the other hand feature grunge typefaces or informal sans so as to emphasize the laid back and relaxing nature of beer.

Appeal To Age

Try to look beyond the sex factor and appeal to the age bracket instead. While wine bottles feature labels with classic serif labels to justify the price, they also feature trendy labels. This is deliberate in an effort to appeal to younger and fashion conscious consumers. You may have to research on what appeals to the demographic you wish to target. Age, lifestyle choices and even disposable income have proven to sway specific groups towards specific typefaces.

Natural Color Palettes

Long gone are the days of bold and brash packaging with bright colors. Darker colors now stand out as luxurious. In simple words, tone down your colors to remain relevant in the modern market.  Nature inspired and tonal colors have a relaxing, calming effect. They also tap easily into the general trend are in one way or another eco and ethic conscious. This does not mean though that you should ignore bright colors. Use bright colors to an appealing wash effect to your labels.

Remember that even if your product is not 100% organic, or it does not come fresh from the farm, you can still give it a touch of wholesomeness through labeling and packaging. All you have to do is consider pared back color palettes. Earthy brown and green colors are ideal choices here.

Other Factors

There are so many other factors that appeal to both men and women simultaneously. Is your product eco-friendly? Choose labels that highlight this aspect. Then use appropriate images and illustrations on the label. Both male and female models should appear on the label if you’re to traverse the gender issue.