How Pressure Sensitive Labels Influence Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions

There are a variety of labels, many printing options and different applications. One of the most common label types is pressure sensitive labels. With these types of labels, the adhesive is included below the surface of the label material. They come in form of a roll and they are designed to separate easily and all one has to do is peel and paste them on a surface using an applicator to apply pressure.

These labels are popular because they save time and money. Most companies prefer pressure sensitive labels because of the value they add to their products. These labels can be printed in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different applications. Some of the benefits of using pressure sensitive labels include:

Larger Choice Of Adhesives

The best thing about using pressure sensitive labels is that they allow a business owner to choose the most suitable adhesive to meets his needs. You can choose to use either permanent adhesives or removable adhesives. Removable adhesives are applied on labels mostly meant for promotional purposes. This is where a company can include multi-layer labels to add more information about a product for promotion purposes. Also, removable adhesives can be used to stick coupons on products to encourage product sales. Consumers only have to peel off the coupon with ease without leaving a residue on the primary label.

Labels That Integrate Into Production Automation

Pressure sensitive labels are delivered in rolls. These rolls are already equipped with sensitive adhesive technology which helps to integrate and facilitate implementation on an assembly line. All you have to do is add an applicator and labeling your products becomes effortless.  This ensures fast production.

It Is Profitable

Pressure sensitive labels are cost effective. This method of labeling can be applied by both large companies and small businesses because they are an economic choice.

How Do Pressure Sensitive Labels Influence Purchasing Decisions

  • They Are Visually Appealing

These labels can be printed on a variety of label materials. You can choose materials like foil, clear and laminated materials to print pressure sensitive materials. Gloss papers are visually appealing and they can attract consumers’ attention from a distance. Naturally, consumers are more drawn to products that are attractive and using pressure sensitive labels increases sales.

  • They Are Cost Effective

Printing pressure sensitive labels is not expensive compared to other types of labels. The cost of production goes down when a company invests in pressure sensitive labels. In turn, a company is able to allocate fair pricing to their products and allow them to be competitive in the market. Consumers are dawn to products that are fairly priced and offer discounts.

  • Environment Friendly

Most consumers are looking for products that are packaged in biodegradable materials to promote conservation of the environment. Pressure sensitive labels can be printed on recyclable materials. As a company, investing in such materials not only helps you to reduce your carbon foot print, but you also attract the attention of consumers who are sensitive about environment conservation. This is a win win situation.