How Do You Label Homemade Food Gifts?

Homemade food gifts are heartwarming presents that can be appreciated by everyone. The thought of receiving something that was made with love never fails to put a smile on the lips. If you are planning to give out homemade food items for the holidays, be sure to get the right food labels that will suit your gift best.

Choose the Right Packaging

More than the taste, what makes a food gift look delectable is the packaging. Glass containers are perfect with desserts on a jar. Can you imagine how delectable it is to see layers after layers of goodness all encased in a glass jar? To add a personalized touch, have clear labels on one side of the jar. You can customize the design and may even use it to print personal messages in order to make the receiver feel more special.

Boxes of cookies and other baked goodies will look more festive with gossamer ribbons. Brown Kraft labels can be added to it where you can have your personal logo or a holiday graphic along with a space for your warm message.

Unique shaped bottles are encouraged for homemade liquor and other liquid gifts. The idea is that even after consuming all of the liquid, the receiver will never have to throw the bottle away but keep it as a distinctive memento from you.

Plastic boxes for candies and sweet are also cute to look at! Choose clear ones to for a neater appearance. The candies will also look nicer when they are placed dramatically following a pattern of some sorts. One glance and anyone will drool over the content and will be excited all night to open the sweet treats.

Personalized Gift Tag

No matter what type of packaging you use, you will always need a gift tag for your food gifts. It can be a card or as simple as a tiny tag. The important thing to consider here is the presentation. It should not look just like any ordinary tag. Since you worked hard to cook the food and chose a special container for it, why not go all the way and be creative with the tag?

Make a Personal Logo for Your Food Labels

If you are quite used to sending food as gifts, then maybe it is high time to create a personal logo for your personalized card that goes with every gift. Although you are not doing it for business, it will be great to create your own branding even with such a small gesture. With a logo, anyone will know in an instant about who sent the gifts.  For tech-savvy individuals, it will not be difficult for the recipient to tag you on social media with all your delicious creations.

Truly, the presentation can make a huge difference when it comes to food gifts. The quality of packaging, the food labels, and the tags are usually a testament of how delicious those gifts are.