How Can Companies Improve Holiday Sales With Embossed Labels?

The visual appeal of a product is what get customers drawn to an item and capture their attention long enough to lure them into buying it. Successful brands focus on playing to the sense of sight to urge customers to buy their products. As a producer, you can use special effects like printing embossed labels to create packaging that create new customer perception about your product, entice their other senses and increase your product’s functionality.

You can figuratively and literally use embossed labels on your product packaging to add new dimension to a substrate. Embossed labels when combined with varnish or foil can provide visual enhancements to create great packaging to promote your product during the holiday season. To fully understand how embossed labels can improve your sales during the holiday season, let’s have a closer look at what embossed labels are and how they are printed.

What Are Embossed Labels?

Embossed basically means a raised pattern on a material. Label printing companies use materials like foil paper to create a raised pattern on a product’s label to create visual appeal and attract consumers to a product. They use a material that has shape memory and is capable of holding the embossed image in place. Embossing is considered when a product is seeking to call attention to a design element to enhance the perceived quality. Products with embossed labels have a luxurious feel and look. During the holiday season, people look for special gifts they can give their loved ones. Labelling your products with embossed labels designed with special messages can attract holiday shoppers which will increase your product sales.

How To Design Your Embossed Labels To Boost Holiday Sales

Every holiday season, consumers are prepared to spend money. To target eager-to-spend consumers, you need to come up with label designs that will appeal to the people. You can create holiday themed labels and have them embossed to make your products stand out. Here is how you can create attention-grabbing holiday packaging using embossed labels.

Be Inclusive

Different religions celebrate the holidays so it is safer to use symbols that are secular unless you wish to target a specific market. You can include holiday imagery like wreaths, mistletoe, reindeer and frosty to appeal to large target audience.

Give It Staying Power

Instead of focusing on making labels just for the holidays, you can extend your label designs to include winter themes. These label designs will evoke a holiday spirit that will extend beyond December. These labels will remain fresh for months to allow you to sell your products during the entire winter period.

Make It Gift Ready

Due to limited time, most people find themselves doing their Christmas shopping at the last minute. You can save these shoppers a lot of time by designing your labels in a way they will require less wrapping. Using embossed labels is a great way to make the products more attractive to create the perfect gifts.

Bottom Line

Unlike other labels, embossed labels are a bit expensive to print, but they guarantee great returns. You can use these labels to promote seasonal products. To ensure your embossed labels become a success, you need to work with a seasoned label printer who will use the right materials to ensure they print effective labels.