How Holographic Labels Protect Your Brand From Counterfeiters

Increased cases of global counterfeiting are being driven by several factors. Some of these factors include lenient criminal penalties, ineffectual or weak regional law enforcement, the power of consumerism, vulnerable supply chains, the impact of the internet, technologies and increased industrialization among others. It is no surprise that holography has become one of the most effective brand protection devices. It is also used as a weapon in the on-going war on counterfeiting all over the world.

Holographic labels have the technology that has the ability to track product information and incorporate various data forms that are commercially acceptable to link on-pack product identification with supply chain.  They also have an added bonus to forensic support services and market enforcement. The combination of authentic technologies and imaging techniques with holograms are producing a generation of optical security gadgets. These devices are making it easy to combine ease of recognition with enhanced resistance to counterfeits. This allows companies to identify and distribute goods to be controlled through a system solution that involves security authentication features, investigative facilities and tracking mechanisms.

Potent Security Solution

The track-and-trace technology is not by itself a security solution to counterfeiting. But when combined with hologram, it becomes a powerful security solution. The technology allows companies to generate unique encrypted, sequential or random serial numbers, or special self-adhesive labels using a variety of print technologies. Items can be linked to packaging through a unique code which in turn can be linked to container ID, pallet ID or Case ID.  This relationship between a unit pack, pallet and carton is then used to track and monitor an item throughout the supply chain. A company can take advantage of the data collected in a product’s life cycle, for example product return and quality assurance rejects, to create a flexible data base which offers recording benefits and unique product history.

Latest Innovative Holographic Labels

By incorporating the latest innovative holographic labels, a business can prevent heavy losses at the hands of counterfeiters. Since holographic labels are fitted with many complex devices that can easily be identified, the security authentication devices make it impossible to copy holograms by even the best counterfeiters. A business has to come up with a program on how they can educate their target audience to read these embedded devices to tell apart a genuine product from a fake product. For example, a company like HP uses holographic labels on their consumables like cartridges and toners to prevent counterfeiting. Consumers looking for toners can easily tell if a product is genuine or not which saves HP a lot of money that would otherwise be lost to counterfeiters.

Choose A Reputable Label Printing Company To Provide Quality Labels

At Hampshire Label, we partner with our customers not only to provide high quality custom shape labels but also ensure that their inventions and innovations stay safe from counterfeiters. We use the latest label printing technology to print high quality holographic labels that cannot be easily copied. For more information on holographic labels, contact our sales representatives today!