Highlight Your Discounts By Using Promotional Labels

For your store brand to successfully participate in the stiff retail market, it has to stand out from your competitors. Promotional labels give you an easy and quick method to highlight your new product launches, any new features in your product and discounts on new and existing products. Most consumers base their purchasing decision on how appealing your product label and overall packaging looks. With this in mind you can use promotional labels to draw more attention to your potential customers. In this piece, you will find our tips on how to highlight your discounts and other offers in your promotional label in order to maximize your products presence in the retail market.

Encourage Your Customers To Engage With Your Product

Customers love discounts and bargains on the items they are purchasing. So highlighting a discount, a special offer, or any other monetary promotion can be a very effective way of attracting customers to your brand. Giving your customers a chance to buy your products at lower prices, or a chance to win certain prizes and gifts, will give your product a strong presence on the shelves. This will definitely increase your product attractiveness more than that of your competitors.

Use Attractive Colors When Highlighting Your Discounts

The colors on your promo label play a crucial role in attracting customers to your product. They should align well with your company and branding of your product, otherwise your brands presence might get weak which can bring about confusion in the market as well. Display discounts on your promo label using eye catching bright colours to ensure your discounts and offers are noted clearly by your potential customers.

Highlight Your Discounts Using Well Printed Clear Texts

Customers are usually in a hurry when shopping. This means your product label should grab and keep their attention in the shortest time possible. Make sure the discount text or percentage in your promo label is printed clearly and in an orderly manner.  Avoid using fonts and text that are difficult to read; keep your promo label simple and clear. Images are also an effective way to convey your message to customers. Just be sure not to use too many of them on one label.

Introduce Promotional Games To Your Customers

As a company, you can also come up with promotion games where your customers get coupons after purchasing your product. Prizes and other different gifts can then be won by customers depending on terms and conditions of the game.

In order to really grab your potential customers’ attention, you need to be creative with your promo labels. This can be done by implementing other packaging techniques such as hang tags and neck labels to highlight your discounts and other promotional offers you want to give to your customers. If you happen to have attractive discounts and bargains for a product, why not take advantage of this method to pass your message to your customers? It may help you draw more attention to your product and encourage shoppers to buy your brand.

To distinguish your product from others in the market, show other qualities of your product that are unique from the rest. It can be anything from the health benefits of your product, environmental credentials or provide flexible packaging. Whatever selling points your product has, use your promo label to highlight them to your customers.