Grow Your Company’s Reputation By Using Matrix or QR Codes

Despite the fact that people were not really optimistic about QR codes in the beginning, over the past few years they have become a viable option for companies looking to make their marketing campaigns successful. These codes are designed to take users to a landing page where they can find out more about a product or take part in a contest.

Since they were introduced several years back, companies and businesses have had various kinds of uses for these codes. Some use them to get users to their websites, others use them to promote sales, and others use QR codes to create more engagement with their social media platforms and apps.

There are several ways a company can benefit from using matrix or QR codes. How?

Ease Of Use

Compared to other codes like barcodes, QR codes can be scanned from any direction. A QR reading app is able to scan a code around 360 degrees with less interference from the background. This means that consumers can easily scan a code on your labels to get to your website or promotion.

More Storage

A QR Code is able to store a lot of information than other types of codes. For example, a QR code can store a hundred times more information than a standard barcode. This not only saves companies from having to design labels with too much information, but it also helps to reduce the need for printed materials. QR codes helps a company to reduce its carbon footprint hence, help save the environment.


Customers are familiar with QR codes and they can easily identify it when it is available on a label. They are curious enough to want to know what is on the other end. Once you get customers to your landing page, this helps a company to interact directly with consumers. Here you can have them take part in a survey to help you improve your services and products. You can also encourage users to share the code with a number of friends and once they do, you can reward them with a free coupon.


Today, most people use smartphones. A smartphone allows the user to download a free QR code reader. This means that almost every shopper can scan your QR codes to get access to other information, surveys or access special deals.


QR code generators and readers are usually free. As a company, you don’t have to pay extra to enjoy the benefits of using QR codes. You can download codes and print them on:

  • Point of sale receipts
  • Event ticket stubs
  • Restaurant menus
  • Business cards
  • Promotional labels
  • Event and convention nametags
  • Packaging and product tags
  • The side of trailers and trucks
  • Marketing materials and brochures

How To Apply QR Codes

You can generate QR codes and link them to:

  • Customer feedback forms
  • Directions to your business
  • Installation instructions
  • Valuable coupons and special offers
  • Recommendations to complementary services and products.
  • A list of sources where customers can get replacement parts or service
  • The process customers have to follow to hire your services