Do You Need To Print Weatherproof Labels For All Products?

The one question that label printers get from most of their clients is whether their product labels have to be printed on weatherproof materials. The truth is that most products need weatherproof labels especially those meant for outdoor use. However, not all products require weatherproof labels. These labels are designed for projects that require moisture protection and durability. Let’s take a closer look at what are the benefits of weatherproof labels, how they work and their common uses.

How They Work?

There are two types of weatherproof materials that are used to create durable labels. These two types include the laser waterproof materials and the inkjet-printable waterproof labels. These two types of materials are formulated differently based on the type of printer used.

The laser-printable waterproof labels are printed on laser printers. Toner is fused onto the label material when printing to create long lasting labels. These labels are best for outdoor applications since the do get affected by water, as well as by the sun. On the other hand, the inkjet-printable waterproof labels are printed on inkjet printers. The ink gets encapsulated in the materials when printing which then forms a top coating upon printing. The ink does not smudge after it dries up and does not get affected when soaked in water.

Benefits Of Weatherproof Labels

  • They use strong permanent adhesive
  • They can withstand wear and tear
  • They are available in both rolls and sheets
  • You get high quality labels without compromising on aesthetics
  • Designs, logos and other printed information remains legible
  • They can hold up well in both high and low temperatures
  • No expensive and harmful waterproofing sprays necessary
  • They are very durable

Common Uses

Weatherproof label materials continue to be popular with most companies since they can be used for a wide array of applications. Here are just some of the common uses of waterproof labels:

Outdoor labels – The weather is very volatile and if you have products that need to be exposed directly to different weather elements, you need to invest in weatherproof labels. These labels can withstand sun, rain or snow and they help to keep the labels safe throughout their lifetime.

Bath and body product labels – If you are producing cosmetic or products that will end up the bathroom, you definitely need to use watherproof label materials. These materials can withstand abrasion, meaning that when applied on squeezable containers, the ink and on the labels will remain intact and will not get affected by water or moisture. Weatherproof labels can also withstand soap, hot or cold water, and even oily hands.

Food and beverage product labels – A lot of food and beverage products, especially fresh produce, need to be stored under cool conditions to keep them fresh. Weatherproof labels are able to stand up to the wet and cold conditions found in and out of a refrigerator. They help to maintain a product’s professional look whether they are in a freezer, fridge or cooler. They work best on products like sauces, jellies, jams, packed vegetables and other products that require cold storage.