Current Food labeling Trends To Watch Out For in 2018

In 2018, manufacturers of consumer goodsand retail brands are getting ready for changes to come and what these changes can bring in their respective packaging world. The food industry has not been left behind and this year, there are a lot of changes expected when it comes to food labelling and packaging. If there is one thing that cannot be neglected when it comes to food labelling is creative design. Check out some of the food labelling trends to watch out for in 2018.

Light And Flexible Packaging

The whole world has become aware that drastic changes have to be implemented to protect our environment from more degradation. International and local authorities have put pressure on manufacturers and producers to ensure that they use packaging materials that are environmental-friendly. For this reason, the packaging market is predicted to change. Food companies will now use flexible packaging that is lightweight and is made from recyclable materials. Companies also stand to benefit from this packaging since freight costs for shipping will also go down.

Clean Labeling And Healthy Foods

A study carried out recently showed that consumers are now more drawn to products that have a list of recognizable ingredients. This means that producers have to come up with clear label designs that use simple language that can be understood by everyone. One of the FDA requirements states that a food label should state its ingredients in terms that the general public is more familiar with. If your products have to use preservatives to extend their shelf life, you can opt to invest in packaging technologies and materials that will counter the removal of these chemicals. This way, consumers will be more drawn to your product since they will have less additives.

Labeling Requirements

The FDA is set to place new nutritional labelling regulations for foods in 2018. As a company dealing with food products, it is a must to understand these new regulations. You need to know the placement requirements for your package, expiration dates, the serving size and the ingredients in your food products. If you already have a product in the market, you may need to start planning on how you will align your nutrition labelling with the updated FDA regulations. To avoid having your products recalled, ensure you clearly understand what is required to be on your food labels before marketing your products. Find a food labelling consultant to help you get your nutrition labelling right.

Creative Package Designs

With the growing demand with custom labels, one needs to be creative while packaging food products as well. Using different label shapes for packaging to complement a product will leave a lasting impression on consumers this year. You can also get creative by utilizing re-usable packaging for your products. Come up with a package that can be re-used once its contents are finished to appeal to more consumers. Being creative does not mean that you have to come up with something intricate. You can have a minimalism approach when designing your food labels to create simple, clean labels. It helps to have a better understanding of your target audience to enable you to create labels and packaging that will have the most impact on your consumers.