Creative Labels For Your Mini Garden

Along with the number of movements about saving the environment are the ideas of creating more gardens. In fact, many environmentalists are encouraging even those who live in the city to make use of the extra spaces and turn them into urban mini gardens.

For the millenials, having a mini garden is not enough. It should also look perfect in all angles so that it will be worthy to post in their social media accounts. Here are nifty ways to create custom labels for your mini garden.

Canning Lid Jars

Going green is all about repurposing materials to make them useful again. Canning lid jars are perfect markers with their perfect circular shapes. Attach some customized static vinyl labels and voila! You have cute little markers that will complete that little corner of sunshine in your apartment.

Rock Labels

Rocks come in different sizes and shapes. Choose those that have a smooth side and you will have enough space to write labels or doodle cute shapes on. Be creative and paint the flowers or the fruits of the corresponding plant they are for.

Metal Garden Markers

If you are after plant markers that are sturdy enough to last a lifetime, durable galvanized steel and aluminum markers will suit you best. Even though these markers generally have a large surface area to write on, you can have weatherproof labels instead that is a good match to your dependable metal markers. With this pair, you can be sure that they can withstand season after season.

Wooden Block Markers

Another great up-cycling project is using discarded wooden blocks as plant markers. Hampshire Label prints clear labels that will stick even to wooden surfaces. You can customize the design of each block so that each plant gets to have a nice personalized touch.

Wooden Spoon Plant Markers

One way to keep your mini garden small is to have mini plant markers too! Wooden spoons are space savers and they are small enough to be attached on the smallest of pots. You can write on the surface or have printed stickers to as labels.

Plastic Cards

Depending how small or big you make them, plastic cards are nice to have as plant markers. You can have printed labels and stick them on the cards or have PVC ones which can be directly printed with anything. If you want to go on a recycling route, why not use old ID cards and write on them using bright colored markers?

Recycled Pots

Aside from plant markers, you may also have labels on the pots. This will be great once the plants have grown enough that the plant markers are getting drowned with leaves and are no longer applicable. At least when the labels are right on the pots, you can never have a hard time identifying which plant is which.

Make your mini garden stand out with these creative labels!