Consumers Deem Product Labels Key In Determining Recyclability

Economics asserts that finite resources can never satisfy the ever unlimited human wants and needs. This implies a constant resources shortage. Recycling is the process of collecting materials or objects that may be thrown away as trash and converting them to new materials or reusing them as originally done. How well this is done on a product after use is the level of recyclability. Did you know that product labels can boost a product’s level of recyclability?

There has been much concern about environmental degradation. This has led to a massive campaigns and movements about being environmental friendly and ‘going green’. An example of these includes the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations that has driven governments to sustainable development. SDG 12 talks about responsible consumption and Production. This pushes nations to enhance industries, businesses and consumers to recycle and reduce waste. Many more campaigns have been mounted to the extent that environmental-friendliness, waste reduction and environment conservation has become an everyday sensitization topic at places of work, schools, households and the media.

How Product Labels Play A Part In This

The campaigns have raised the consciousness of the average shopper on eco-friendliness. This inspires the consumers to consider recyclability when making purchase. This is and not limited to the product itself and the packaging. This has led to the introduction of recycling information on product labels.

What Recyclable Information To Include In A Label


Vis-à-vis recycling, product labels should indicate:

  • When the product is made from recycled materials
  • The recyclability of the product or its packaging
  • How to recycle or dispose the product or its packaging

Examples Of Recyclable Images To Include In A Product Label

  • The Mobius Loop

It is the internationally recognized symbol of recyclability. It indicates that the product is recyclable. It does not mean that the product is made from recycled material. However if it includes a percentage of the product made from recycled material. The same symbol but with numbers inside indicates the kind of plastic used to produce the packaging.

  • Tidyman

This is a symbol that shows an image of a man throwing trash into a bin. Including this symbol in your product label shows that your company cares about the environment. This symbol also helps to remind consumers that they need to be responsible when it comes disposing items. if your company packages products in disposable containers, it is important to include this symbol in the label design.

  • FSC Logo

The Forest Stewardship Council logo helps consumers to identify wood, card and paper- based products. More and more companies are investing in label materials that have been manufactured using recyclable materials. These materials are not only cost-friendly, but they are also made from materials that are compostable. This means that a company is able to reduce its carbon footprint while saving money on production costs at the same time.

Consumers will prefer products that have eco-friendliness associated with them and more importantly, products that are recyclable over those that aren’t. It is important to include recycling information on your promotional labels to attract the attention of consumers who are sensitive about the environment. This information is sought by shoppers on product labels.