How To Capitalize On Circle Labels To Promote Your Brand

Circle labels can be the perfect complement to your label design, logo, container, product or packaging. Customized circle labels make a great first impression which is very important when promoting products, especially retail products. You need to ensure that you pick the right size of the label depending on your product container or packaging options. Once you have the right size picked, you should take note of these design and printing tips.

Apply A Safe Margin

When designing circle labels, you need to be careful that you don’t get valuable information cut off when printing. It is safe to hire a professional graphics designer to work on your label designs to avoid disappointments. A professional designer will leave at least 1/6 or 1/8 of spaces between the design and the border of a circle label. This will ensure that all the text, images or clipart used will not get cut off during printing.

Go Borderless

If you can, avoid adding boarders on your label designs. Why? At times a circle label may fail to print perfectly centred and this problem can be a result of including borders in the label design. If you have to include borders, make sure they are thicker. This makes any shifting that takes place less noticeable. Instead of using borders, you have an option of adding patterned background to achieve a similar effect.

Add A Bleed

The word “Bleed” is a common term used in the design and printing industries which means adding more “cushion” to the edges of a label design. In simpler terms, this ensures that your final circle label print achieves total coverage. For example, magazines are usually printed on oversized sheets and then cut down to size. This means that the entire magazine pages achieve total print coverage. In the same way, when it comes to circle labels, you can print on an entire sheet and then peel a smaller final piece.

How can you add bleed to your circle label design? You need to ensure that you design your circle labels with an extra 1/8 covered with a background color. If you choose to use shapes and images, have them overflow onto your work before printing.

Omit Circles

Creating circles within circles makes the printer shift which makes it hard to achieve a perfect centred label design. The same principle discussed above about creating borders should also be applied when it comes to circles. Design experts advise that instead of creating geocentric circles, you can instead play with the positioning and the size of the interior circles to make any printer shifting less obvious.

Bottom Line

In as much as circle labels add an aesthetic appeal to products, it is important to understand that you need to successfully come up with a design that will stand out. To avoid printing labels with errors, you need to contact a professional label printing company. An established label company has the expertise to perfectly print circle labels. You can also get the company to help you with designing your labels to ensure quality final prints.