Are Your Beverage Labels Awesome?

Beverage labels often have to stand up to varying temperatures, friction and moisture. As a beverage producer, you need to take into consideration all the factors to create labels that will not only last, but also those that will make better first impressions. How well have you designed your beverage labels? The following are factors that you should consider to ensure that you come up with beverage labels that are awesome.

Type Of Label Material

If moisture is a big concern for your product, you need to choose a label material that will not be affected by water and other liquids. You have an option to use white matte paper but then add a laminate finish to protect your labels from moisture. Another option of label material you can use is using film labels or shrink sleeves. These materials are not only water resistant, but they also add an aesthetic appeal. Shrink sleeves cover the entire surface of the product container which allows you to put in as much information as you can about your product. Also, when choosing a label material, you can consider using recyclable labels. If your beverage is all organic, using biodegradable labels will attract consumers who are all for going green.

Use Of Color

Most companies neglect to incorporate color into their label designs. According to color psychology, colors have a way to influence the mood of shoppers and enticing buyers into buying a product. Before choosing a color for your beverage labels, consider which product you are packaging. For example, if you are selling juice products, you have to consider the flavor of the juice in order to pick the right color to incorporate in the label design. You can use different colors for different flavors. For example, you can use orange color for an orange flavored drink.

The Shape Of The Label

Instead of using regular label shapes like rectangle or square, you can be more creative with the shape of your label. The shape will be determined by the shape of your containers. You can use oval, rounded or arched labels to enhance your product’s packaging appeal. In order to create a label that will be impressive, you have to hire a professional graphics designer to get the job done. He or she will know how to design the label that will fit a certain label shape.

The Choice Of Typeface

The font you choose also plays a great part in determining the final outcome of a label design. Choose a font that you know your target audience will relate to. For example, if your target audience comprises of an older generation of consumers, you have to pick a font that they can relate to. The same applies if your target audience comprises the youths. It best to use fonts that people are familiar with. However, if you plan to use more than one font in your label design, do not use more than two styles. Using more than two fonts in a label design will make it look complicated and confusing.