Apply Custom Shape Labels To Skyrocket Your Revenues in 2018

In order to be on top of the game, one needs to think outside the box, custom shape labels can do just that to a business brand. Labels that have a unique shape are more likely to stand out when compared to other basic shapes. Becoming the top dog in the crowd through unique custom shape labels can make the goal easier to achieve. Curious to know why customers opt for custom shaped labels? Custom label shapes comes in different varieties as listed below.

Oval Labels

This kind of label is used to bring out the shape of your container. Works best on labeling candle jars, tins, lotion bottles, jam jars and many more. They are available in all colors and materials.Oval labels add a beautiful finishing touch to merchandise, corporate gifts, envelopes and birthday presents as well as in many other areas.

Circle Labels

Circular labels are flexible to be used with various projects. It is usually used for displaying extra information that cannot fit on the primary label mostly due to design reasons. Most circle labels are applied to either the top or bottom of a product to display e.g. graphics, information or even logos.  Round labels also work best during organizing boxes,files, inventory, canning jars, wax cookie bags, lip balm tins, product seals and a whole lot more.

Rounded Corners Labels

Are mostly used for shipping and mailing packages. It comes with a permanent adhesive and it can be printed on by using laser jet, inkjet printers as well as copiers. There is pretty much minimal difference between the square edged labels and the rounded edged

Roll Labels

These custom shape labels come in wide variety of options to choose from that make them actually stand out. Roll labels bring about efficiency, convenience and makes it easy to use. Examples of roll label can be seen on thermal labels for direct thermal printers.

Arched Labels 

This type of label eases the work of dressing up jars, boxes and containers. They have beautiful unique shapes that add that extra oomph to help convey the message across to the target audience. Whether you may want to create a one of a kind party favors or personalizes a bottle of wine or beer, arched labels is more than suited for that task.

Rectangle Labels

Rectangular labels are the kind of labels that can be labeled as multipurpose for every project. Anybody can design and print it from the comfort of their homes or offices. It can be used for several uses such for name tags, addresses, shipping labels photo stickers, organizational labels, price tags and barcode labels and many other different places.

Square Labels

This is another great and simple label that one can design and from the comfort of the office or home. It doesn’t need any complex calculated design to come up with it. It can also be used on various areas such as on promotional stickers, wine and beer bottle labels, on QR codes also on logos too among many other known areas.

From the brief explanation above, we can generally conclude that the chances of increasing revenue depends on the kind of label shape that one chooses.